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The Anglo & Eastern Ship Owners P&I Club,  “ the AE Club or the Club ” , is a specialist P&I and Marine Liabilities insurance provider with a strong focus on client relation, risk management and claims services.
 The ae Club
About us

From the outset, we have endeavored to exceed our clients’ expectations by:

■ Investing time and energy in getting to know their business in depth

■ Taking a holistic, “full service” view, providing not only tailor made insurance but also free 

-----advice on how to minimize or avoid risk

■ Dealing with claims flexibly, pragmatically and efficiently
■ Working transparently, with fixed and /or floated premiums and firm agreements
■ Acting proactively and decisively in the clients interest
■ Responding to all enquiries within 24 hours

■ Providing all clients with an equal level of service and attention

It is this approach that has enhanced our members’ commercial success, enabling us to grow and become a valued partner throughout the shipping industry.
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+ 44 789 464 3852,  If you have an emergency and would like to contact us.
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The Anglo & Eastern Ship Owners P&I Club tailor all our insurance to meet your precise requirements, so you can be confident of sound cover – whatever you circumstances.
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We always go the extra mile for our clients. One way we do that is by providing expert service and advice. We can help with any question you may have about your business. Whether you are faced with a technical, practical, or legal issue, we have the knowledge and experience to help.
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  • Dengue in Brazil and Latin American Countries

    Dengue in Brazil and Latin American Countries


    As the total number of cases of Dengue in Latin America and the Caribbean reaches 4.6 million, club correspondents Brazil P&I publish an update on the disease.

  • Customs Fines in Togo

    Customs Fines in Togo


    The Club has recently experienced several fines in Togo arising from the crew bartering minor items with local fishermen. These have most commonly been at sea where vesse......

  • Drug Smuggling Prevention in Columbia

    Drug Smuggling Prevention in Columbia


    Latest intelligence on emerging smuggling practices and necessary precautions for ships visiting Colombian ports.

Our Correspondents network extends around the globe to offer assistance and guidance to our Members, wherever their trading operations take them.
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